How to keep your jewellery looking beautiful

Gold vermeil is made from two precious metals - gold and silver- and so while both metals are tough, precious jewellery requires care to keep them looking their lustrous best.

Put your jewellery on last and take it off first

To prevent tarnishing or damaging the gold layer on your jewellery, the easiest thing to do is to rmake sure that your earrings or necklaces don't come into contact with chlorinated water or chemicals. Chemicals in particular, can strip the gold from your jewellery. It is important to put your makeup and perfume on before your jewellery and take your jewellery off before doing any cleaning, or before you jump into the shower or pool. We also recommend avoid wearing your jewellery when excercising or sleeping as perspiration also contributes to tarnishing.

Carefully store your jewellery away from air

To protect your jewellery and prevent tarnishing when you are not wearing it, it is important to store your jewellery in the Loop Store's seude bag. We also recommend you store each piece seperately and if you place more than one item in your bag, wrap each piece in acid free tissue paper so it doesn't tangle and scratch against the other items.

How to clean dirty or tarnished gold vermeil jewellery

We recommend cleaning your jewellery on a regular basis with a soft cloth to remove oils and dirt. This will help prevent tarnishing build up on your piece and will help preserve plating. If your gold is lightly tarnished, it can be brightened up with a polishing cloth.

We recommend using a gold polishing cloth. Do not use tissue or paper towel to clean your jewellery as this will cause scratches. We do not recommend using chemical jewellery dips as this can remove the gold. 

If your gold vemeil jewellery gets dirty, you can clean it with warm soapy water and a soft cloth. Don't rub it with any abrasive pads and make sure you pat it completely dry.